„Rabbit hole” Contest Rules and Regulations




I.                   General provisions.


1.   The “Rabbit hole” contest, hereinafter referred to as the Contest, is organized by NOKIA Solutions and Networks sp. z o.o. with the registered office in Warsaw, 02-685, ul. Rodzin Hiszpańskich 8, entered in the commercial register maintained by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw, XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS no. 0000265262, with the share capital of PLN 14,375,000.00, NIP: 1132639219.

2.   The sponsor (founder of prizes) in the Contest is the Organizer, i.e. NOKIA Solutions and Networks sp. z o.o.

3. The Contest is held between 9 April 2018 and 30 June 2018 via the https://rabbithole.nokiawroclaw.pl/ website.

4.  The Contest Participants may be only persons of legal age and of full legal capacity.

5.  Full participation in the Contest is subject to the Participant’s registration via the online form available at https://rabbithole.nokiawroclaw.pl/ (Contest Website). Participation in the Contest (solving the contest problems) is possible also without registration, however it excludes the possibility to collect potential points (awarded for correct answers) and prizes (awarded to ther highest scorers).

6.  Registration is available from 09:04hrs on 9th April 2018 to 23:59hrs on 30th June 2018. Participation in the Contest (registration of the Participant) is understood as acceptance of all rules and regulations provided herein.

7.    The aim of the Contest is to collect the largest number of correct solutions of the tasks and problems published on the Contest Website by the Organizer.

8.    The Organizer provides additional scoring category involving the possibility of sharing the Contest Website with third parties (‘share the challenge’).

9.    Participation in the Contest is free of charge, voluntary and open. The Organizer does not cover or return any costs related to participation in the Contest.


II.                 The Contest Rules.


1.    The Contest is addressed to the registered Participants, and the highest scorers among them will be awarded as winners (of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place). From this group also the winners of the additional category, ‘share the challenge,’ will be selected. Solving the Contest problems without registration will not result with any rights or entitlements of the registered Contest Participants.

2.    The prerequisite of registration of the Participant by the Organizer is the Participant’s explicit consent to process his/ her data, expressed in the registration form, of the following wording:

·         ‘As a Participant of the ‘Rabbit hole’ Contest I hereby give my consent to processing my personal data, such as first name, last name, email address, delivery address for the purposes required for organization, conducting, promotion and communication (including e-communication) of and related to the Contest, by NOKIA Solutions and Networks sp. z o.o. with the registered office in Warsaw, 02-685, ul. Rodzin Hiszpańskich 8, KRS 0000265262, in accordance to the terms and conditions defined in the ‘Rabbit hole’ Contest Rules and Regulations, organized between 9th April and 30th June 2018 by NOKIA Solutions and Networks sp. z o.o., pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (JL. of 2016, item 922, with amendments) and Regulation (UE) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation). I have been informed that provision of my personal data is voluntary, however refusal to provide the data will result with lack of possibility to participate in the Contest. I have also been informed about my right to access and amend my data, and I have been instructed of my right to withdraw my consent at any time that, however, withdrawal of consent will not affect the lawfulness of data processing based on consent before its withdrawal. At the same time withdrawal of the consent will preclude my further participation in the Contest.’

3.        By registering for the Contest, each Contest Participant confirms and declares that:

·         he/ she is a person of legal age, and of full legal capacity;

·         he/ she enters the Contest voluntarily,

·         he/ she has read and understood the Rules and Regulations in full,

·         he/ she agrees to receive communication from the Organizer, including electronic communication, regarding all issues related to the Contest, in particular including the current ranking of Contest Participants, Contest participation reminders (‘you haven’t visited us recently’), information about the Contest winners, awards, or amendments hereto.

4.      A correctly registered Participant is entered onto the Participant list held by the Organizer.

5.    The registered Participants participate in the Contest via their assigned rabbithole accounts.

6.    Until the jury selects the Contest winners, the Participant may withdraw from the Contest at any time. Withdrawal from the contest may be done by means of the Participant’s written statement submitted with the Organizer via the Participant’s rabbithole account.

7.    Following the withdrawal of a Participant from the Contest, the points scored by this Participant in any category prior to his/ her withdrawal are disregarded in the process of selection of the Contest winners.


III.              The course of the Contest.

III.1. Basic categories.

1.    During the Contest every 2 weeks at least 3 problems are published in the three basic categories: programming, testing and math-logic. One problem may simultaneously belong to more than 1 category.

2.    The Participant’s task is to solve the published problems and provide the correct answers by means of sending the solutions to all problems or a solution to any one problem from any selected category.

3.    Each correct answer/ solution in a given category is awarded with at least 1 point (carrot).

4.    The points scored by a Participant in different basic categories are aggregated in the course of the Contest.

5.    The answers/ solutions sent without prior Participant registration for the Contest are not awarded with points.


III.2. Additional category – ‘share the challenge.’

1.  During the Contest each registered Participant may participate also in the additional category, called ‘share the challenge.’

2.  The points awarded in the ‘share the challenge’ category do not impact the score in the basic categories (are disregarded in these categories).

3.  The Participant is awarded points for sharing the Contest Website, provided:
3.1. he/ she shares the Contest Website with person other than the registered Contest Participants;

3.2.    the person, with whom the Participant shared the Contest Website, provides the sharing Participant’s rabbithole account data during his/ her registration as the Contest Participant.

4.  The ‘ The ‘share the challenge’ category points are awarded in such a way that the Participant receives 1 point (lettuce) for each full case of sharing the website as defined in point 3.


IV.              Assessment, prizes.


1.  The answers/ solutions provided as a part of the Contest are assessed by the jury selected by the Organizer.

2.    The Jury – the members of the jury selected to assess the answers/ solutions provided as a part of the Contest and verify the ‘share the challenge’ cases are:

1)      Joanna Karpa-Polowczyk

2)      Martyna Kosiorek

3)      Bartosz Nowicki

The Organizer reserves the right to modify the composition of the Jury.

3.  The Contest prizes are as follows:


a.      one main prize – a surprise non-cash prize awarded to the winner Participant (with the highest cumulated score of all 3 basic categories: programming, testing, math-logic).

b.      two additional prizes – surprise non-cash prizes awarded to two next highest scoring Participants.

c.       In the event when several Participants receive the same number of points in a given category, the determining criterion is time (the winners are those 3 Participants who first score the number of points qualifying for the main prize or additional prizes).



a.      One prize for the Participant who scores the highest number of points – a surprise non-cash prize. In the event when several Participants receive the same number of points in this category, the determining criterion is time (the winner is the first Participant to score the highest number of points).

The prize in this category may be awarded regardless of awarding any other prizes in the basic categories.

4.    The Jury assesses the answers/ solutions provided by the registered Participants and the cases of sharing of the Contest Website as a part of the additional ‘share the challenge’ category within 10 days from the Contest ending date defined in point I.3 hereof. The winners’ names will be published within 3 days from the end of the Jury’s work, on the Contest Website. Regardless of the publication as specified above, the Organizer will notify the winner Participants about their prizes by email. The notification will be served within the timeframe reserved for publication of the winners’ names on the Contest Website.

5.    Irrespective of the above prizes referred to in point 3 above, the Jury is entitled to award special prizes. Number, type and value of the special prizes remain at the Organizer’s discretion. Awarding of the special prizes is optional and is not subject to any claims.

6.    The prizes awarded in the Contest may not be exchanged for cash. The Contest Participant may not request an exchange of the prize for another prize or reserve any characteristics of individual prizes.

7.    The Organizer reserves the right to modify the type or value of the prizes referred to in point 3 above, following the announcement of such change during the course of the Contest.

8.    The prizes will be delivered to the winner Participants by post office/ courier within 21 days from the date of publication of the winners’ name as specified in point 4 above.

9.    The prizes will be delivered to the Participant’s address provided in the Participant’s email sent as a reply to the Organizer’s notification of the prize, as specified in point 4 above. The Organizer is not liable for the failure to deliver the prize due to lack of or obtaining of incorrect, illegible or incomplete Participant’s delivery address. The Participant is liable for all consequences of his/ her failure to update his/ her delivery address, required due to occurrences following the date of registration.

10.              The Participants acknowledge that the prize they receive must be included in their revenue, as defined by the tax regulations and is subject to their personal income tax.

11.              The tax referred to in point 10 above will be paid by the Organizer.

12.              The Organizer declares that the non-cash prizes awarded in the Contest will be supplemented by additional cash prizes in the amount equivalent to the personal income tax amount defined by relevant tax regulations, calculated from the gross value of the prize specified in point 3 (or point 5) above. The winners agree that the additional cash prize will not be paid to them, but used for payment of the personal income tax due to their prize.


V.                Garden Shop.

1.         For the Participants who collect a specified number of points (carrots), the Organizer provides an opportunity to participate in special attractions, as part of the Contest, related to the Organizer’s business activity promotion.

2.         The Contest attractions may be in a form of company gadgets or any other form offered by the Organizer (e.g. visit and tour in the Organizer’s lab).

3.         The type of the Contest attractions, as well as the way of participation (including in particular the number of points required for participation in the attractions) may be periodically published on the Contest Website, subject to the provisions below.

4.         Participation in the attractions is optional, i.e. it does not add or subtract any points to/ from the Participant’s account, thus it does not affect the Participant’s score, which determines his/ her chances to win the prizes referred to in section IV hereof.

5.         The defined number of points may be used by a Participant only once to enable his/ her participation in the Contest attractions (in order to participate in other attractions, the Participant must collect relevant number of points, exceeding the amount used for participation in the previous attraction).

6.         Arrangement of the Contest attractions, their types and terms of participation remain entirely at the Organizer’s discretion and are not subject to any claims.


VI.              Final provisions.


7.         The Participants undertake to observe these Rules and Regulations. Any violations hereof or of the general law regulations may result with exclusion from the Contest.

8.         These rules and regulations enter into force on the day of their publication on the Contest Website.

9.         The Contest Organizer reserves the right to amend the provisions hereof, extend or reduce the Contest duration or cancel it (finish at an earlier date).

10.     Each Participant is entitled to submit complaints during the course of the Contest. Any Complaints submitted after the finishing date of the Contest will not be processed.

11.     The Complaint will be submitted in writing and it will include the complainant’s detailed personal data (name, address), as well as the reason for complaint, the complainant’s claim and complaint justification.

12.     Correctly submitted complaint will be subject to immediate processing by the Organizer, however, failure to acknowledge the complaint within 30 days from its receipt will be equivalent to its acceptance. The decision will be served to the complainant’s address provided in the complaint.

13.     As a result of acknowledgement of the complaint, the Organizer may accept or reject it, providing relevant justification. The decision will be made in writing and served to the complainant within 7 days from its issuance. The Organizer is not liable for failure to deliver the decision due to lack of or obtaining incorrect (including illegible) address data.

14.     The Organizer’s decision regarding the complaint will be final and shall not be subject to appeal.

15.     Personal data of the Contest Participants are processed pursuant to the regulations of Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (JL. of 2016, item 922, with amendments) and General Data Protection Regulation.

16.     The personal data are administered by the Organizer.

17.     The personal data are processed for the following purposes:

                                              1)      organization and conducting of the Contest, including delivery of prizes and processing of complaints;

                                              2)      promotion of the Contest, including publication of the winner Participants’ data;

                                              3)      communication with the Participants, including provision of information regarding current Participant rankings.

18.     Each Contest Participant is entitled to access his/ her personal data, amend them, as well as to request the removal of data.

19.     Any disputes related to this Contest will be settled by the Organizer. The Organizer’s decision will be final and is not subject to appeal.

20.     For the issues not regulated hereby, the provisions of the civil code, copyright law and industrial property law apply.

21.     These Rules and Regulations are available at the Contest Website and at the Organizer’s registered office.